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Day In The Life Video

What Is a Day in the Life Video?

At Attorney’s Edge, our Day in the Life videos honestly show the suffering that your client now endures due to the defendant’s negligence, product liability or malpractice. Our videos capture your client’s struggles to cope with his or her daily needs while living with the trauma of personal injury. As with all of our videos, our goal is to honestly show the strength of your case.

Day in the Life Excerpt

We will speak with your client or his/her caretaker prior to the shoot so that we thoroughly understand your client’s daily routine.

On the shoot day, our veteran TV-journalists will visit your client’s home or care facility and faithfully capture the highlights of his or her daily routine. We will then edit the key moments of your client’s day into a concise, broadcast-quality video lasting about seven to twelve minutes. The video can be longer, if you wish.

These videos do not contain any narration, special effects, interviews or background music. The only audio you will hear is the natural sounds that occur during your client’s day.

We adhere to rigid, ethical standards. We do not stage any of your client’s activities or ever ask your client to repeat an action. Therefore, you can have confidence showing our Day-in-the-Life videos in court. The jury will see the events exactly as they happened.

We can also incorporate your video into a longer settlement documentary that you can use at mediation or pre-trial hearings.