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Wrongful Death Portrait

Wrongful Death Memorial

A Family’s Roadside Memorial Following Their Loved-One’s Wrongful Death                                                                                                   …………

A wrongful death video lets opposing counsel see the deceased
in a way that words on paper never will. In this video, loved ones,
friends, even co-workers, explain who the deceased was to them
and what his or her loss means to their lives.

Through interviews, photos and home videos, we paint a vivid
portrait of the victim’s life and accomplishments. We explain all
that he or she was looking forward to in life before the defendant
permanently ended those dreams.

We know that these on-camera interviews must be handled with
great care. Throughout our careers, we have interviewed
hundreds of people who have suffered great loss. We have the
skills to gently allow your clients to share their emotions, their
memories, their grief. We are also adept at taking their heartfelt
words and combing them into a powerful story using either
narration or your clients’ own words.

If you wish to include liability, we will document the tragedy
through videos, photos, police reports, coroner’s conclusions
and news reports. We can also include animation and accident reconstruction as well as interviews with experts and witnesses.

In the end, those who view this video will understand, in a very
human way, the impact that this wrongful death has had on
those left behind
and you will have presented a very compelling
case for why your clients deserve maximum compensation for
their loss.

Please contact us for links to some of our wrongful death videos.