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Settlement Documentaries

“Attorney’s Edge has helped me resolve numerous cases through the use of their insightful approach to settlement videos. Christina has a journalist’s eye for spotting the key issues to make a powerful presentation. I would highly recommend Attorney’s Edge to anyone looking for the highest quality of settlement presentation.”

Spencer R. Lucas – Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

“I can’t say enough about the quality work product that Attorneys’ Edge created, and their professionalism. Their documentary video captured the essence of my client’s daily struggles and the devastating effects on his family and friends. Christina (an Emmy- winning investigative reporter) knows how to draw people out and capture their raw emotions. Unquestionably, her documentary added significant value to the case.”

Chuck Koro – Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP


The successful video settlement documentary will bring your case to life and show the strength of your case in a way that the written word alone can never do.

For attorneys, the settlement documentary can be a powerful tool in getting maximum compensation for your clients at mediation. This long form documentary typically runs about 20 minutes, but it can run longer. It can include either damages or liability or both. This Dateline-style video will tell the story of what your client’s life was like, what happened and what his or her life is like today because of the defendant’s wrongdoing.

The TV News veterans at Attorneys’ Edge Productions are your best choice for this documentary style. As expert journalists we automatically know how to present your case in a clear, concise and compelling broadcast format.

Our professional team will do in-depth, on-camera interviews with your client as well as interviews with friends and family members who have been victimized by the defendant’s actions. These delicate interviews are best done by broadcast professionals with the skill to elicit emotion without causing more harm. Your documentary may include interviews with various expert witnesses; surgeons, life-care planners, vocational experts, financial experts, accident reconstruction experts – whomever will add impact to your case.

The well-told documentary will typically include day-in-the life video, home videos, photos, possibly animation and news reports as well as documents, graphics and any demonstrative evidence that will strengthen your documentary.

You may wish to use narration or let the victims and expert witnesses tell the story in their own words. By the end of the video, the defense should have an unassailable view of what your client’s life could have been like and how the defendant’s actions have led to the life-altering changes which your client endures today.

Settlement documentaries are meant for pre-trial viewing by the defense or insurance claims adjuster. They are not meant for court.

When done creatively and correctly, a powerful settlement documentary will truly give you the Attorneys’ Edge.


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