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Day In The Life Video Helps Panish, Shea & Boyle Win $39.5 Million Settlement For Cal-State Student

Personal Injury Settlement Believed to be the Largest for the Cal State University System

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We Bring Your Case To Life

There’s a reason attorneys praise us. Our videos routinely help them win multi-million dollar settlements. That has helped make Attorneys’ Edge Productions the go-to company in the video settlement documentary field. Our Emmy-winning team of veteran journalists has the proven skills to bring your case to life in a way that opposing counsel won’t soon forget. We often give you just the edge you need to get the settlement your client deserves.

Simply put: Our Settlement Documentaries present the theory of your case in a compelling format. We combine sensitive on-camera interviews interviews with your client and their family together with demonstrative evidence and narration.

Your settlement documentary can also include  interviews with medical experts, accident re-constructionists, life care planners, financial specialists and any other expert witnesses important to your case. We typically use graphics highlighting medical and police reports as well as medical scans, accident photos, videos or animation. We combine this evidence with family photos and home videos. Together they show what your client’s life was like before the defendant’s negligence, what happened and what it’s like now.

How are we different?

As investigative journalists, we spent decades producing short and long-form documentaries for network and local television. We kept our viewers engaged by gathering the most important information and weaving it into a compelling story.

We now use our top-line, storytelling skills to turn your case into a broadcast-quality Video Settlement Documentary, Wrongful Death Portrait or Day-in-the-Life video. Plus, we do it at a reasonable price.

First, our highly experienced team, led by award-winning, television news reporter Christina Penza, works closely with you to determine your needs and goals. We then pre-interview your clients and review your evidence. For settlement documentaries, we sensitively shoot on-camera interviews with your client and his/her family. We let them reveal their powerful emotions and suffering. These are the feelings that opposing counsel and insurance adjusters can never comprehend by simply reading printed reports.

In personal injury cases, we also capture important video that highlights your client’s daily struggle. At your request, we will interview your chosen expert witnesses on-camera. Next, we select key moments from our interviews and craft them into a well-written, professionally narrated script that integrates supporting video and demonstrative evidence. In the end, we present your arguments in a compelling settlement documentary that can help you achieve maximum compensation for your clients.

That’s what we’ve done for many attorneys over last decade and that’s what we can do for you.

Let our highly skilled, professionals handle your important case. Attorneys’ Edge Productions has the most experienced journalists working in the settlement documentary field today and the only Emmy-winning team in California. We are experts in the art of videography, editing and storytelling. Plus, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality, broadcast documentaries at competitive prices.

So, don’t pursue your case, large or small, without this powerful weapon in your arsenal. Your case is our case – let us give you the Attorneys’ Edge.

Documentary Excerpt

Attorneys, please contact to see more online samples of our high quality settlement documentaries.

Our highly experienced video production team will develop a compelling settlement documentary to help in mediation, pre-trial hearing or trial. We will bring your case to life to help get the maximum compensation for your client’s loss.

ANOTHER WIN FOR PANISH, SHEA & BOYLE — With Help From Attorneys’ Edge Productions

War Vet Loses His Freedom On An Orange County Bus

Kenneth Bertsch thought he had faced his toughest battles in the skies above Vietnam. The war hero had survived roughly 200 missions searching for enemy hideouts. Later, at age 59, Kenneth battled his way back from a stroke that had paralyzed the right side of his body. He celebrated the end of rehab by driving his wife Lynn on a cross-country road trip.

“He said sell the house and buy an RV, Lynn said. “So we bought an RV. We went around and all over.”

Even a hip replacement, at age 74, couldn’t keep Kenneth down. He learned to walk with a cane and he often took Orange County buses, driving his motorized scooter up the bus ramp.

“I’d go different places,” Kenneth said. “I’d drive up. Park my
scooter and
they’d they’d strap me in.”

At least he did – until the day that a careless bus driver, hired by a county contractor, failed to properly secure Kenneth’s scooter.

At age 75, the war vet lost his independence in a horrific incident caught on several of the bus’ surveillance cameras. As the bus
driver made a wide left
turn, Kenneth crashed to the floor in his scooter, smashing his head through the bus door’s glass window.

“I don’t remember tipping over,” Kenneth said. “When I came to,
I could see
the outside of the bus.

Kenneth suffered severe pain and blunt head trauma. His right leg was shattered just below his recent hip transplant. Surgeons had to insert wires into Kenneth’s leg to hold his fractured bone in place.

“It was pretty deflating,” son Craig, recalled. “We had already gone through the hip replacement and all the recovery prior, all the emotion that came with that.”

The Bertchs’ attorney, Robert Glassman of Panish, Shea and Boyle,  hired Attorneys’ Edge Productions to produce a settlement documentary that would bring the Bertschs’ case to life for the defense. Our video crew found that, nearly a year since the incident and despite weeks of grueling rehab, Kenneth Bertsch still could not walk or even stand. He now needed round the clock care. He and Lynn had been forced into assisted living where they shared one room.

“I try my best to keep him comfortable, Lynn said through her tears, “That’s the whole thing, to keep him comfortable.”

The room had a small bathroom. It was too small, we learned, for attendants to lift the 200-pound man off the toilet. They had to put him on a porta-potty in the couple’s open room. Before the incident, Kenneth could easily take showers by himself. Now, Lynn had to give him sponge baths. The once-active senior had lost both his freedom and his dignity.

“It makes me feel bad, Kenneth said sadly, “I’m not as good as I used to be.”

Perhaps hardest of all, after 50 years of marriage, Kenneth’s severe injuries kept the couple from sharing the same bed. Both were afraid that Lynn might accidentally bump him.

“What is life without intimacy?” Lynn asked. “Sleeping together, hugging each other?”

Attorney Glassman gives the Attorneys’ Edge team high marks for handling the shoot with the proper sensitivity.

“They made our clients feel at ease and comfortable before shooting and then effectively captured the essence of their pain and suffering through video, photographs and interviews,” Glassman says.

The team also interviewed Life Care planner, Kelly Nassar. She had designed a plan to improve the couple’s quality of life. It included, “a caregiver to assist him,” Nassar told us, “preferably in the couple’s own apartment” as well as a hoyer lift, roll-in shower chair and valet seat to lift Kenneth in and out of his

Attorneys’ Edge crafted the interviews and video together with photos, surveillance tape and graphics to create a powerful and compelling documentary. We showed how happy the couple were before the incident, the ordeal that Kenneth endured and the suffering they were going through because of the defendant’s negligence.

Says Glassman, “Christina and her team made our clients’ story come alive with their video documentary.”

Most importantly, Mr. Glassman reached a solid settlement that helped improve the quality of the Bertschs’ lives.

“I have no doubt Christina’s documentary helped us achieve a favorable result for our clients, Glassman says. “I highly recommend her services to any trial lawyer looking for inspiration in telling the client’s story. “