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About Attorneys' Edge Productions

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Why Hire Attorneys’ Edge Productions?

Attorneys’ Edge Productions is the go-to Settlement Documentary and Day in the Life video company for attorneys. Our clients know that our Emmy-winning team produces the most compelling pieces. We are expert in compassionate storytelling. Plus, we have a good grasp of the law.

Here’s why: As veteran television journalists, we’ve covered many legal cases, both civil and criminal. Plus, we have now spent more than a decade producing settlement, day in the life and wrongful death videos for our clients. Attorneys know that we have the ability to cull the most important damages and liability elements for their videos. They see us as trusted allies in getting opposing counsel to realize the depth of the plaintiff’s case in a way that often leads to big settlements.

Variety of Cases

Our past cases include personal injury, wrongful death, premises liability and more. We are well-versed in construction accidents, auto, bus, trucking and motorcycle collisions, brain injury, spinal injury, sexual abuse cases and medical malpractice. In fact, if you tell us what your case is about, we have probably done one like it. 

Experience Counts

We promise that everyone who produces, shoots, writes and edits your important documentary is an industry pro with decades of experience. With top-notch talent, we work more efficiently. We pass those savings on to you.