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About Attorneys' Edge Productions

Christina Penza – CEO

Christina Penza is an Emmy award-winning journalist and six time Emmy nominee whose settlement documentaries have produced exceptional results. Christina has spent more than six years writing and producing video documentaries for some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation. She is known for her sensitive interview technique and her ability to draw emotion even from the most hesitant clients. Her outstanding writing and production abilities have helped her win some of the top awards in journalism.

Christina has more than twenty years experience in TV news reporting for CBS News, KCBS/KCAL and KCOP in Los Angeles as well as WPIX in New York City. She has spent much of her career as an on-air investigative and consumer reporter, in addition to covering crime and courts. This experience gave her outstanding preparation for her current profession. Christina’s long-form investigative work helped consumers by uncovering dishonest computer repair shops, exposing gas stations that were overcharging at the pumps and uncovering an extensive L.A. subway system that taxpayers continue to fund, even though it has never fully been built! She was the first in the nation to uncover the often imitated story that states were holding onto millions of dollars in unclaimed taxpayer money.

Christina also aired the first report on a government plan to sell scrap metal from a defunct nuclear site in Tennessee for use in knives, spoons and forks on the tables of unsuspecting consumers. Perhaps her proudest achievement was getting a new DUI law passed in Florida. Christina discovered a flaw in the system that had judges suspending drunk drivers’ licenses only to have the DMV immediately reinstate them, putting dangerous drivers right back on the roads.

After reporting and producing on both the local and national level, Christina became attracted to the power of the settlement documentary. She began producing settlement documentaries, day-in-the-life videos, as well as product defect and toxic tort documentaries on a full-time basis. Her love for this kind of work, her ability to help victims who badly need advocates and the knowledge that she can produce documentaries the way they should be done,led Christina to form her own company – Attorneys’ Edge Productions.

Why Us?

Simple. At Attorneys’ Edge Productions we only hire veteran television professionals. We do not “grow talent.” We do not try to cut costs by hiring beginners. We promise that everyone who produces, shoots, writes and edits your important documentary is an industry professional with decades of experience. With top-notch talent, we work more efficiently. We pass those savings on to you.