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by Christina Penza The recovery workers sorting through the rubble at Ground Zero could not have anticipated finding signs of life. Not now. Not weeks after the life-altering attack had shaken the soul of America and left us clinging to … Continue reading

The Attorneys’ Edge in the New Age by Christina Penza

The Internet Age presents new opportunities for attorneys to market themselves. Here are a few ideas. Continue reading

Get The Attorneys’ Edge with a Settlement Documentary

The Settlement Documentary can be the strongest weapon in your arsenal at mediation and pre-trial hearings. This article explains why it is best to use TV News veterans to produce a broadcast quality documentary since the most talented ones are expert storytellers. We examine what elements a well crafted documentary should contain and why it is one of the best ways to convince the defense that your client deserves maximum compensation. Top law firms are increasingly turning to the settlement documentary to get the Attorneys’ Edge. Continue reading